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We can complement existing IT or you can fully outsource your Cyber Security to us.

We have a Cyber Security services to suit any sized-business.

Many SME’s believe that Cyber criminals only target big businesses, but that’s not true.

64% of all Cyber-attacks happens to SME’s.

But the majority of SME’s don’t have adequate protection against a Cyber- attack. For many, it’s not a case of ‘if’ they get attacked, but when.

The outlook for SME’s worsens when we look at some of the common myth’s that are told and what lots of business owners now believe.

Myth 1

We already have
anti-virus software
and a firewall

Technology that protected your business even 12-18 months ago is now obsolete. There is no one single product that can protect your business from a Cyber attack.


Myth 2

Cyber Security
is the IT
department's problem

The IT department have a difficult task. There are lots of moving parts in an IT network. Cyber Security isn’t an IT problem, it’s a business problem.

Myth 3

Why would a
Cyber criminal
want my data?

They don’t. They have no use for your spreadsheets and business plans. But they know that you need your data. They know that you can’t run your business without it. That makes your data very valuable; to you

How Cyber focus can help

Cyber Focus have a suite of 14 different services that can help protect your business from a Cyber-attack. It is our belief that every business need each of our 14 services to ensure robust protection. You may already have some of the services in your business today, but not all.

When we look at Cyber security, we think of a jigsaw puzzle. Each of our 14 different services represents a different piece of that jigsaw. If your business is missing several pieces of the jigsaw, then each missing piece is a risk to your business.

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