What is Two Factor Authentication?

Author: cyberfocus

What is Two Factor Authentication?

By cyberfocus on Friday 6th September

These days, more and more web users are becoming concerned about their privacy and security when browsing online. This is because there are now more threats from viruses and hackers than ever before, and they only seem to keep on getting more sophisticated. So, there really is no wonder that a lot of individuals and […]

Seminar: Could your business withstand a cyber-attack?

By cyberfocus on Monday 2nd September

There are very few businesses that do not rely on technology to ensure they are connected at all times – client communications, financial transactions, online marketing and sales, business processes – all rely on some element of technology. If any of these lines of communication are threatened or disabled it can have a disastrous effect […]

Why your business should use a VPN

By cyberfocus on Thursday 22nd August

Everyone seems to be using VPNs these days, for both personal and professional reasons. In fact, more and more businesses seem to be investing in this unique form of cybersecurity. The main reason why people use them is so that they can hide their true location when they are browsing the web.

Top cyber security tips for SMEs

By cyberfocus on Monday 12th August

The importance of having effective cyber security measures in place cannot be ignored today. After all, it seems that a day does not go by without news of a data breach. However, one problem when it comes to SMEs is that a lot of business owners have the “it won’t happen to me” attitude. They […]

5 types of Cybercrime and how to protect against them.

By cyberfocus on Thursday 8th August

The Internet is a dangerous place. That’s because some tech-savvy individuals engage in various types of criminal activities online or by abusing computer networks.

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